Watching Wildlife

by The Moonbeams

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Oxford Town 05:33
Oxford Town (Summertime in England) I’m on fire feeling good feeling free Breezing through this May country To the sound of the cuckoo echoing across the green And the sunlight dancing off the water and the trees And it’s bringing back those boyhood memories And it’s Summertime in England if you know what I mean I’m going down, I’m going down I’m going down to Oxford Town My consciousness flows through the locks and the streams Washed with the fragments of last nights dreams Floating through the ether, catching colours and it seems To be taking me back to similar summer scenes Feel the sense of wonder at these endless summer nights When the day’s not over and the new morning’s in sight And we’re smoking in the clearing with mugs of ruby wine Swaying by the fire with the willow trees in time Breaking up, breaking down, on our hands and our knees But then I’ve no recollection, no more memories And I apologise in case I’m not the man I might have been But it’s summertime in England if you know what I mean Oxford Town Oxford Town, No need here for heads bowed down The sun is up high, it’s way up off the ground This is a different time this is a different town No guns no clubs no tear gas bombs Just take a look around, you’d think there’s nothing wrong But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t another side The times are always changing and things always hide But this isn’t the place and this isn’t the time ‘Cos it’s summertime in England if you know what I mean The boys of summer are out and back in the frame The May blossom’s gleaming in the hedges and the lanes The sun’s set fire to the red kite’s wing It makes you want to smile, makes you want to sing And you grab it in your hand and you feel it in your heart You just breathe it in deep and then breathe it out And there’s no need to wonder why because it just is It’s summertime in England if you know what I mean
Coming Home 05:45
Coming Home I walk down the rain washed streets City lights shimmer at my feet And it reminds me of the moonlight on the river And I’m drowning in the sound Of the sirens, the cars and the crowds And I realise it’s time to reconsider I think of home and my family Of the fells, the dales, the north country I see it all now as clear as can be and I’m thinking – I should be going home She’ll be there at the kitchen table Spreading the cloth for their tea Her hands as brown and fragile as last year’s leaves He’ll be looking the lambs by the wall His body as bent as the thorn That’s twisted by the wind on Malham Moor And I know that they’ll be thinking of me In the fells, the dales, the north country And I know that they would like to believe that one day I’ll be- coming home The barn owl glides to the night On wings as silent as snow Drifting over the walls and the meadows The heron stands still in the stream As if carved from the rock and it seems To wait as patiently as any gravestone It’s all there in my mind’s eye you see The fells, the dales and the north country And I can hear it calling out and telling me – I should be going home I can see my home and my family The fells and the dales and the wild country It’s the only place for me and one day I’ll be – Coming home - coming home - coming home
Watching Wildlife We wander down the river, with our fishing rods and bags We watch the peat stained water, looking for a fish rise We cast the runs with Snipe and Purple and an old March Brown Goosanders take off flying south now, spraying gold and silver on the sky We watch the wildlife, but what’s the wildlife There’s only one life, our life is our own We live our life, with the wild life We and the wildlife share this life as one I miss a grayling on a Greenwell, and a trout on an Olive Dun Ingleborough floats high beyond us, shimmering in the haze Pigeons sound softly in the woodlands, a heron unfolds it’s canvas wings A kingfisher sparks blue lightening across the darkness beneath the trees We stroll slowly back upstream, way back up towards Cow Bridge We pick wild mushrooms, mint and blackberries and make up a flood wood fire Ollie runs wild across the grassland throwing paper planes to the sun Later we walk back home on Flatts Lane, and it stones me just like Van
Our Time 02:59
Our Time I’m on the dark side where the night moves out slowly Where the shadows of sleep hide the sun from the day Where the smell of dreams lingers and the wicks burn down quickly And the night creeps away dragging the morning behind You’re on the bright side where the morning moves fleetfoot Sweeping the night from the side of the dale Where you wake and you yawn and you stretch yourself gently And wrap yourself tight in the warmth of the new day Our time will be when the sun shines down equal When the wild wind is stilled and our hearts beat as one When we stroll through the hills and the miles of morning sunlight Our time will be the best of times to come Then I’ll dance in your eyes, bright as any woodcock’s wing I’ll swim in your smile, as deep as any sea And we’ll laugh and we’ll run through the meadows and the moorland And then we’ll lie side by side and that’s when our time will be
The Weather and the Tide She’s over on the other side I’m waiting for the rising tide I’m thinking that it won’t be long Before I can set sail My boat is moored up in the port Ready for me to climb on board To swing her round into the wind And turn her bows to the distant shore And I know she’ll be there for me Looking out over the sea Her hand raised to shield her eyes To watch the Terns and Fulmers fly And I’ll be sailing through the spray I know it has to be this way For just like the sea birds as they fly We’re ruled by the weather and the tide We pull my boat up out of reach Of the tide racing up the beach We sit and watch the otters play And make love to the sea There’s that heart stopping moment when We join together and jump in We take the sea unto ourselves And gasp in ecstasy We throw our hearts up to the wind And grab this moment whilst we can I watch for the ebbing tide and know That soon it’ll be time for me to go We understand this has to be We’re separated by land and sea Destined to live out our lives Ruled by the weather and the tide.
Boots 04:31
Boots Sir I see from your boots that you’ve walked the high fells And I think that you’ve walked a long way Come sit down beside me, I’ll stand you a beer Come sit down and tell me I pray Tell me sir where you’ve hiked on the fells Though your boots could tell their own tale Of the places they’ve taken you and all you’ve seen And how things fair up the Dales Does the saxifrage bloom with the last winter’s snow Do the peregrines nest on Blue Scar Do the high peaks light up with the first morning sun Like lamps at a festival fair Do the curlews and plovers still wheel and cry Like kids on a merry go round Do the larks still sing up high on the wing Tell me sir all that you’ve found You are right my friend I’ve been up on the moors I’ve been walking the hills and the dales These old boots of mine have covered some miles They’ve stayed dry, they’ve never failed Together we’ve climbed high up Shunner Fell Past Lovely Seat down to Hawes Then up over Cam, Deepdale and Litton And the limestone across Malham Moor The dippers still chatter and bow on the Swale Like guests at a society ball The wagtails strut and trot about The pools below Wainwath Force Wheatears flit on the old Monks Road And trout still rise in the tarn Jacobs Ladder climbs up the Cove And the yews hang on Goredale Scar Well I thank you sir for sharing all that Now we deserve another round You’ve trodden the paths and tramped the lanes Your boots have sure covered some ground I also like to get up in the hills To revisit old places and friends To see all the sights that I know so well To walk in my own Yorkshire Dales Where the saxifrage blooms with the last winter’s snow And the peregrines nest on Blue Scar Where the high peaks light up with the first morning sun Like lamps at a festival fair Where the dippers still chatter and bow on the Swale Like guests at a society ball And wagtails strut and trot about the yews hang on Gordale Scar
Hefted 04:04
Hefted (Kirkby Fell) I see you lying naked, you’re so real there’s just no faking With your perfumes of the forests and the fields Your snow white breasts are shining and the winter sun is blinding me As I’m crawling up your body on my knees I understand it when they say you’re loved by many men But just like all the rest, you’re special to me I love you in the winter snow, when the days are dark and the nights are cold When the rivers and the blood begins to freeze When the summer sun it tans you and the earth’s wild patterns brand you I feel your cooling breathe caressing me And I sense your springs are flowing down your thighs before exploding With the rivers as they open to the sea I understand you now, or I think I do anyhow I’ve known you for so many years I love you when the sun is is high, when the evening storms crack up the sky When rain falls down like a mother’s tears I can see you when I’m far away, when space and distance come into play And life conspires to keep us both apart I think of you when I’m travelling, when I’m tired and life’s unravelling When all I need is loving and a hearth I know you’re always there for me, and always will be Whatever happens in these changing times And I’ll always come back to you, from where ever chance has taken me to I’m hefted to you, the choice isn’t mine
The Dance 04:29
The Dance It’s Saturday night and you’re brushed up and clean And the old week is all washed away You’ve ironed your shirt and pulled on your jeans You’re up for a weekend of play So you brush up your boots and comb back your hair Pull your flying jacket off the back of the chair Your GPO Bantam’s in the yard out there And you’re ready to ride to the dance – and to.. Step out onto the floor where there’s always a chance Of starting a new romance, of a kiss at the end of the dance And then maybe some more Now the village Hall it is draughty and cold Pull the curtain over the door Crank up the band and stoke up the stove Scatter the talc on the floor You try tom look cool as you stand at the side When the girl with the blond hair catches your eye You take a deep breathe and give her a smile This is no time to start to act shy – So you Now the band has packed up and you’re walking her home Back through the tunnel of love It’s dark near the trees and you’re all alone Whilst the Milky Way glows up above And you’re arm in arm and you’re only sixteen And life is full of achievable dreams You’re already thinking of seeing if she’s keen To Come out with you the next time – You
I Am October 05:10
I Am October October ghylls swell, winterfylleth, see the becks turn into rivers As salmon climb unseen through peat stained pools October sun comes shyly skimming, glancing the hills with gold and silver To trick us once again we summer fools I am October, I can face both ways, I’m Russian red, I’m Slavic gold I am October, I am the border, I’m winter bare, I’m a summer rose I steal the sun for summer lingering, yet snap the leaves with icy fingers To see them float and drift on autumn winds I live on the memory of sweet honeysuckle, yet hear the ice sheets twist and buckle Far away to the north where winter begins Yes, I am the winter and the summer’s beauty, I’m the calm and I’m the fury I’m lengthening shadows and shortening days And as my daytime turns to darkening, then my night time sky comes sparkling And the stars and planets wheel with the Milky Way I am October, I plough my own way, the earth fresh furrows of autumn days I am October, I’m russet and golden, I’m the morning fog, I’m the evening haze I’m the tenth, I’m the sixth, I’m the second knuckle on your second fist I’m the eighth in the ancient city of Rome I’m the opal, I am Libra, I’m the balance between summer and winter I’m the one who makes you think of hearth and home I am October, I can face both ways, I’m russet red I’m autumn gold I am October, I plough my own way, I’m the morning fog, I’m the evening haze I’m winter bare, I’m a late summer rose
Castlebergh Hill I want to climb again up Castlebergh Hill Go back, way back thro’ those summer days until We’re laughing there on the top Taking your picture against the rock And I know that someday I surely will Climb on Castlebergh Hill I want to stand again with my back to the sea With the breakers rolling in up Whitby Beach Your face flushed with salt sea spray The wind whipping your hair away And my sheepskin coat wrapped around your knees To go again to the sea I want to learn about the mystery of things I want to hear the songs the ancients sing Listen to the future told Learn the legends and tales of old I want to lose the wisdom that living brings Learn the mystery of things
I Walked Out 05:33
I Walked Out I walked out to the woods this morning Amongst the trees and the shady clearings I walked out to the woods this morning The sun and the leaves were gently dancing I walked out to the woods this morning To think on you as you lay sleeping I walked out to the fields this morning The grass was silver the dew was sparkling I walked out to the fields this morning Spiders nets hung in sunlight shining I walked out to the fields this morning To think on you as you lay resting I walked out to the fells this morning The wind was high and the sky was screaming I walked out to the fells this morning The rooks wheeled by and the clouds were screaming I walked out to the fells this morning To think on you as you lay dreaming I walked out to the moors this morning The dawn air was full of curlews calling I walked out to the moors this morning To the lonely sound of tewits crying I walked out to the moors this morning To think on you and of beside you lying To think on you and of beside you lying To think on you and of beside you lying


released February 2, 2015

Jon Avison - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Jen Haines - viola
Ben Avison - mandolin, accordion, guitar, vocals
Luke Yates - double bass
Mark Fletcher - whistles and percussion

Peter Boswell - cornet on I Walked Out
Artwork - Julie Avison
Recorded at Stonegate Studio, Bentham


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



The Moonbeams Long Preston, UK

The Moonbeams sing their ‘Songs from the Dales’ telling tales of life and loving, and of laughing and enjoying life. Their contemporary folk based music skilfully evokes the beauty of their homeland, carrying you on a lyrical journey through the fells and dales of Yorkshire. Songs of rain, sun, and fells capture that elusive feeling of what it means to escape from the humdrum of everyday life. ... more

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